About Us

Fast access for limb injuries

AdFrac is the first purpose designed private fracture clinic in Adelaide and offers contemporary holistic treatment of all traumatic limb injuries. This rapid access clinic offers flexible appointment times including appointments outside of normal business hours.

We welcome referrals for adults and children over the age of 10 with traumatic limb injuries including possible or confirmed fractures, sprains, dislocations or ruptures that need to be seen in a semi-urgent fashion. All new referrals will be seen and managed by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and any treatment necessary will be organised by the clinic.

We welcome:

  • Privately insured patients,
  • DVA patients,
  • Workcover and Third Party Insurance patients (must have a claim number)
  • Uninsured/self funded patients who are prepared to pay for treatment.

Full service under one roof

Alongside the consultant led treatment, we offer a full fracture service.   This includes  dressing changes, suture removal, plaster application and removal as well as simple splint applications. Physiotherapy is available on site through Wakefield Sports and Exercise Clinic whilst X rays and imaging can be performed at Dr Jones & Partners who are also located at the hospital.  Our doctors can arrange requests and referrals for these services if required.  Please note, there may be out of pocket costs associated with third party tests that are performed here.

For patients requiring an operation, we will endeavour to offer patients surgery within 1-3 days.